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Choosing a Tree Care Company

What should you look for in a quality tree care provider?

When it’s time to choose a tree care provider, there are several factors that should influence your decision.

Are they TCIA Accredited?

Make sure the company you choose to work with has this important accreditation that ensures they adhere to standards of business ethics and quality, and that they are both aware of and follow industry standards. Learn more here.

We are proud long-term members the Tree Care Association of America.

Honoring Your Investment

Trees are highly valuable, often adding up to 20% to the value of your property. They require care by experts who know everything about how to keep them healthy, from pest and disease prevention and mitigation to proper pruning techniques.


We had Antietam Tree & Turf remove trees from our property. The estimate, service and follow-up was nothing but first class. The employees who removed the trees were extremely professional, and cognisant of our neighbor’s property too. Once the work was completed, they checked to see if it was done to our satisfaction. We highly recommend this business as they certainly made a positive difference in the aesthetic value of our property.

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If the company you are speaking to uses the following phrases… find another provider, quickly!

  • Tapping the Tree” – drastically cutting back the major limbs to reduce overall tree size.
  • Lion’s Tailing” – extreme stripping out of interior branches.
  • Climbing Spikes” – the use of climbing spikes to perform tree pruning.

These techniques are often done by less experienced providers who are looking to do too much pruning at one time, or who do not have the equipment to reach all areas of the tree properly.

At Antietam Tree, we have a fleet of tree-service equipment that allows us to reach all areas of your tree, safely.

Safety and Insurance

Is the company you are considering insured against damage to your property or to your trees?

Tree care is a dangerous business, especially when performed by inexperienced individuals. In fact, statistics show that it’s more dangerous than working for a police or fire department! Make sure the team you are considering is properly trained, accredited, observes stringent safety standards, and is properly insured should issues occur.

Antietam Tree is fully licensed, insured, and provides ongoing safety training to our staff.

Are they trained Arborists?

An arborist is a specialist in the care of individual trees of all species in their service area, and is equipped to provide the proper care for those varieties. Well cared for trees add to property value and general enjoyment of the environment, and working with a team that appreciates that investment, and protects it, is critical.

Antietam Tree and Turf are proud members of the Maryland Arborist Association.


Antietam Tree and Turf have the knowledge and professional skills to care for your trees, safely and effectively. Contact us today and let’s maintain the health of your valuable trees!

Clients Rave about Antietam Tree & Turf

Mr. H.

All in all it was a pleasant experience and one that ensured that I will contact your firm with any tree and turf-related needs that I may have in the future.